Happy New Year!


2016 has been a constant reminder that life is too short and can end in the blink of an eye. Be good and kind to people before you’re gone! ~via (Quotes ‘nd Notes)

Happy 2017! May the world see sanity, kindness, honesty and peace ~ yours truly 🙂





Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place!

Happy 2015!


I am delayed in writing my new year’s post! This has been the first time I haven’t really given it a thought and I am at a loss of words.
Anyways, lets me start with my last year’s resolutions first.

“About 2012 –I am going to give myself some time to think about what I want.
I am not going to leave this topic casually just by saying that I want to be happy – of course I want to be happy, but I also want to do much more. I am going to think – think hard – and try to outline what I want to do. Well, life doesn’t always turn out the way it is planned, but that doesn’t mean we don’t plan at all. So, I am going to plan, and I will write about it – soon.“
And sadly enough, I never got to sit down and write about all what I wanted to do in 2012.

I can’t say it was THE happiest year of my life. but it was close enough to be.
The things I remember the most-
2012 brought me an opportunity to work on a new factory project which has been by far a very interesting part of my 7 year career stint. I saw, I remembered, I changed, I learned, I grew (not by size.. 😛 I mean, as a person). I made friends, enemies (may be) and I got to see the whole new world of “projects” first hand. It was good to get away from my ‘usual’ work and immerse myself into something that I found emotionally very stimulating. Seeing something come up and become an entity in front of your very eyes is an amazing phenomenon. Though I did play a very very miniscule part in this entire project, nevertheless I am very glad that I did have a role to play. I don’t regret my decision of staying and not missing out on this opportunity.

In 2012, I got another opportunity which made a huge impact on my life. our annual conference. We had to design a 45 mins sessions for all the employees. 4 options and 4 rejections later, just a week before the final event, we made a team, sat down in office and worked on it. I and S literally worked on that session for about 17-18 hours a day for almost a week. And that session was (unofficially) voted the best amongst the total 4 that were held. There was no official voting ofcourse. But when every person (including the top bosses of your company) walks upto you and tells you what an amazing job you did, you get this feeling of having won the world. I felt giddy with happiness then. It still brings a smile on my face when I think of 26th May 2012… (for a variety of other reasons as well, which I am not going to write on the blog)

August 2012 – Sushil finally made it to the fast tracker selection. He got his first project in Mumbai. He was really glad and so was i. it was something he’d tried really hard for…

2012 – the old bonds of friendship were distanced. Not intentionally. But something happened. It feels alienated. May be because we don’t get together so often. May be because I was at a different location than the others. May be I disliked somethings.. maybe……. there is no end to it, is there? But new bonds of friendships were made with our Delhi gang.

I went to Singapore to attend a training program and absolutely loved it! (both the training and the country)

Me and my parents bought a house together.. I wanted to do this for a very very long time and it gave me immense satisfaction that I finally could!

We got the kitchen in our house re-modelled. And got a number of other furniture items that finally makes our house look like a family place rather than a bachelor pad.

I read a huge number and variety of books this year.

Didn’t see a lot of movies

I am almost inactive on FB (I don’t even log in for many days – and I am really happy about it)

I didn’t write that often

I didn’t keep in touch with my relatives and family as much as I should have – this, for me is a permanent improvement point I guess!!

I didn’t meet my old and best friends when I had promised them and myself that I would.

I didn’t get pregnant

I didn’t lose weight

I didn’t… do a lot of things that I wanted to…

And I am back into my earlier department. Reaction – no comments. Not on the blog anyways.. 
but all in all a good year. i am going to remember the things that happened, that i did in 2012 for quite a while to come!

2013 is not going to be very different. But I hope that at the end of every day, I feel a satisfaction that says – today I did what I wanted to do. I was never a ‘planning ahead’ sort of a person. And in my youth (I mean my teenage and early twenties) I was not really bold in doing things. In 2013 I want to change that. for once, I want to do something reckless that me laugh like mad. Something that I will fondly remember for the rest of my life. something that I will be proud to tell my kids… for once I don’t want to be reserved and doing risk analysis all the time..

2013 is going to be a significant year for me as I am hitting the big three zero.
Time flies huh? I wont be a twenty something anymore. It’s the time that I have been dreading for a long time. A new phase of life altogether.. is it?
Well, I’ll just wait and watch…

Wishing everyone a very happy 2013!