Get on with it!

It is one of my attempts at poetry. I am honestly not sure if I have done a good job here, though i sure can be better! It is inspired by the writings of Felicity Johns


We held hands and laughed with each other
We fell in love here, remember?
Memories of those days remain vivid in my mind
Until they start blurring with the happenings that were unkind

And then silence – like you hold right now – until the moment I crack
Days pass and weeks just go by as I pretend to be normal and hold my tears back
Your rejection or may be indifference, not sure which hurts the most
But now I must snap out of it and draw it to a close

I spent important moments of my life waiting for you
A substantial period, just thinking about us two
Its time to stop, take my life ahead
Take total control of it and steer it with a clear head

It feels impossible – how do I just detach from someone held so dear?
The friend in me gives me no choice as she lays it out in terms very clear –
‘Someday, and someday soon you have to reach there young lady
Till then the golden mantra is ‘fake it till you make it baby!’


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