Queens Necklace

After being absent from the blog posts for over 3 months, I am back with one post and a few pictures…
The husband was on an assignment in Mumbai for over 5 months. On the last weekend, I went to Mumbai to enjoy the stay in South Mumbai, the marine drive and just to have some fun.
It is not ordinary when u get to stay in south Mumbai – free of cost!
I’ve always said that I am not a big fan of Mumbai.. of course – then I had only seen the suburbs and travelled in local trains in the peak hours. But staying in south Mumbai was an eye opener for me. I fell in love with this part of the city. It was crowded yes, but it had a different charm altogether. Travelling was a lot easier from this part since it was in the opposite direction of the crowd at all times.  and more than that, the sea was just a stone throw away….
I wont say much about the city… what can I say that hasn’t been said before. So many people live and breathe Mumbai. My husband, for one would be ready to shift to this city at any time! I would too.. only if we stay in SOBO.. 😀
Anyways, so on our last day in Mumbai, we went to Marine Drive in the morning because the Husband wanted to do something which he hadn’t managed to do in his 5 months of stay – click pictures of the Queen’s Necklace (i.e. Marine Drive)
So here are a few clicks from the day…

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the sea before sunrise.







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