Rain Rain, come again

It hasn’t rained yet. To borrow a few sentences from my friends email –

Pune is thirsty. Dark clouds tease the city but never offer more than light showers of rain!

It is supposed to be pouring in July and what we have seen is hardly a couple of short duration showers. If we don’t get rain in the next couple of weeks, our government will likely declare drought (it’s said).

We went to Sinhagad (a fort near Pune) this Sunday. It is a 50 mins climb (for fit people) so of course I took an hr and a half to complete. There was tremendous amount of crowd. Old and young and all climbing faster than me.. 😦

Yes, I am exaggerating! For the first time this monsoon, I was fully wet. It did pour on the fort, but again for a very very short time. After reaching the top we had the famous Kanda Bhaji and Pithala Bhakri (a very Maharashtrian food and specially fun to eat Kanda Bhaji during monsoons)

Here are some clicks from the fort


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