Rain Rain, come again

I have been away for a long time now. First it was the company day preparations and then back to completing the work that was ignored during the company day!
It is time for monsoons here in Pune. but so far, we have hardly seen any rains.
People tend to dislike the rains. it is cloudy and wet and muddy, they say. But i love the monsoons. It washes away all the dirt and makes everything green and beautiful. Getting soaked in the first rain, the relief from the heat, sitting on the window sill with a cup of steaming coffee and watching the rain splash against the window – it is wonderful.
But so far, the rains have eluded Pune. Though there were a few showers, it was nothing close to what Pune experiences in Monsoon. If this continues, of course there will be a lot of water shortage right from agriculture to drinking water. Hopefully the rains start soon.
It is cloudy – daily and there are beautiful colours in the sky when the sun sets. The husband has been too busy to click any pictures so far and me being the lazy me… well, do i have to say anything more?
But there is one picture that was clicked in April this year, after a storm that passed the village where i work.

The cloud with the Golden Lining


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