Does the romance in a relationship die after a certain period?
When you are married for a long time, do you start taking your partner for granted?
Well, that is the claim most of the wives make! 🙂
My standard response to this is – Define romance.

I don’t make any claim. The husband never wrote me poems, he never brought me flowers, and he didn’t give me surprises like a diamond ring or an exotic holiday. He never gave me greeting cards (except a couple of times – I think), never wrote me long letters.
Frankly, I never expected him to. Small things like holding my hand when walking on the street, trying to cook a simple dish of daal and rice or offering to dine out when I get held up at office (though, whenever I ask him what he wants to eat, he always says ‘masala dosa’. To which the standard response is rolling my eyes), never making a fuss about the dinner I cook and never being picky about food, giving me a stupid smile and hugging me when I yell at him for making a mess in the house (this hasn’t changed in past 6 years of our marriage) and then making excuses and pointing out how much mess I make too!
Even thinking about it makes me laugh.
Every marriage goes through ups and downs. And we went through our downs, yeah we did! But we climbed back up..
There are still times when we don’t talk to each other in the evening when we get back from work, or are very tired and frustrated with the way the day went. There are times when we sleep with our backs to each other.
But the best part is – in spite of whatever happened the day before, when I wake up in the morning I have his arms around me and my head cradled in the nook of his shoulder – always!
For me, this is romance. And it hasn’t died for us!

You must be wondering why this talk of romance?
A colleague of mine Ismail asked my help to refine a poem he was writing for his fiancée (ooooh…. How romantic!!!! Yeah. Yeah.)
Since, I am officially taking care of the communications for a project; people think I am capable of editing – things – for them. Well, the poor guy had such ‘romantic’ intentions that I didn’t want to spoil it for him. So I agreed.
I have done some refinement in his originally written poem but the thought flow remains his..
Here goes..

I never had this feeling before, so it keeps me guessing..
After seeing you, my heart beats always go missing..

You’re on my mind all the time..
The only one who’s making my world rhyme..

We share this lovely song
And I just wish it goes on and on and on…

When I first saw you I found the melody
I slowly filled in the lyrics to find the serenity

It’s the song of two hearts meeting
A serendipity which is worth everything!

When I sing this tune, everything seems to freeze
My heart beats form the rhythm and lets the world around cease

Slowly and steadily my life’s priorities are changing
The world seems beautiful and life seems amazing!

It is the song of showering love, so tender
Sweetheart, let’s loose the constraint & live in splendour

I look forward to our new life that has now begun
Mesmerised by the new found rhythm, as two hearts beat as one..


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