Social networking…

Facebook in this case, since i use FB.


It is a nasty circle. And I go around that circle quite often. There are days when I don’t log in at all. And then there are days, I log in at least 2-3 times a day.
Currently I am in the latter category.
It is amazing. The whole social networking phenomenon is amazing! And with the ‘privacy’ options introduced some years ago, (was it a couple of years ago? Maybe) it is much better.

I now know what is happening in my friends lives (those who are ‘active’ on FB). I connected with so many of my old friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances (all ‘friends’ on the website by the way). See their pictures, their families, their pets etc. etc.
But people tend to stretch this whole ‘networking’ experience to a breaking point.

A few examples –

‘Wifey made puran poli today.. Yummy’ and then is posted a picture of the puran poli kept in a fancy dish…
If ur wifey has made that puran poli for you, then why don’t you just spend your time with your wifey eating that puran poli instead of being on FB?

‘I am in Sahakarnagar today’
Oh, excellent. What happened to the good old way of letting people (who you really want to meet) know by calling them or messaging them?

‘Did u log in on FB with your new phone?
Reply: ‘no, not yet’
Reply: ‘are you just lazy or you are not able to? :P’
The people who had this conversation on FB are husband and wife. Go figure!

‘Today is the worst day ever’
I don’t know why people like to puzzle.
When others reply asking what happened, they say, “nothing yaar”. if you don’t want anyone to know, why post it?
And some people who know what happened reply with supportive messages.
I know it is not wrong to ask for support. But ask it from only those whom u want the support from other than ranting in front of the whole world..!

I am missing you mom!!!!!’
God!! Just call her up and talk to her…. And how would she know? Is she even there on FB?

‘I forgot to call home and check on my baby. Am I a bad mother?’
What? And u have time to update this on FB??
And frankly, why would a mother need re-assurance of being a ‘good mother’ on FB?

No offence against any of the people who wrote this (yes, they are all real life experiences; MY FB-life experiences). It is their perspective, totally.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder – why would people need to lay down their book of life, open, on a public website? Are people, whom you can talk your heart to, so far away that you can’t reach them one on one? What happened to the telephones, to the emails, to the letters? What happened to privacy?
May be people don’t want to talk anymore. You just get an opportunity to speak (write) without interruptions and try to make your point.
I am being stupid. ‘Going for a vacation in Goa!! Yipppeeeee’
What is the point – to make – in that??

For me, the networking site should be used to share a life changing – happy event (We got married!!), happy pictures (like, with Ranbir Kapoor!!), social awareness messages (use water carefully), a happy news (we had a baby!), excellent photography, good articles, good jokes etc. etc.
And, I would never, ever use FB to share bad news. No, it’s not that I want people to think I am the happiest person in this whole world.
It’s just because sorrow is personal.

But then, that’s just me.

edited to add: and then i publish this post and i get a prompt saying “share on Facebook.” yeah, right!!


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