Hyacinth – the flower

The last day of my existence as a 28-year old, we went to a nice-old-low cost-great food-joint-Café Good Luck.
After an egg masala, chilly chicken, an egg biriyani and egg fried rice; it was too difficult to even get up. Hey, wait; I didn’t mention custard pudding – two of those.
Just, FYI 🙂 no, I don’t eat so much, there were three of us finishing off that meal.
By the time we finished, my jeans were pretty uncomfortable; If only I could just loosen that leather belt a little….
I wanted to rub my tired eyes – but could not do that because, for a change, I was wearing eye make-up (see why I hate make-up??)……
And I was making a promise to myself, for the millionth time, that I would never eat so much again……..
We paid the bill and it was time to vacate our table since there was a long waiting line. I did not want to go and SIT anywhere. I wanted to walk for some time and let my stomach settle a bit before I could impose the pressure of my waistband on it again.
Thankfully, that was exactly what my two companions were thinking. They too needed the walk.
So we walked on the FC road window-shopping. There are enormous amounts of shoe shops on that road. I had recently bought 4 pairs of shoes. If I went into that shop again, the husband would have ditched me then and there. So I went with the flow, didn’t say a word, diverted my train of thought (they were shouting – shoes! shoes! shoes! Those ones are really nice!!!!) and kept on walking.
Photography was the talk. Oh, did I mention my companions were – My husband and his sister: both are nuts about photography. So I just listened and kept walking.
My sis-in-law wanted a ‘Rajanigandha’ (also known as Nishigandha, raat-rani, and scientifically Cestrum nocturnum) flower stick. After hunting down 3 shops, we finally came across a guy who gave it to us at a reasonable price.
The first thing I noticed in his shop was tulips. Great colors, bunched together, very fresh! They were priced only INR 100 / flower.
Hehe.. hmm. I was not paying 100 rupees for a single flower which would die in a week. And anyways, we are going to Kashmir soon which has largest tulip farms in Asia! Why buy just one here?
But the flower guy was very enthu and gave us thorough information on how he imports various plants from various countries. It was then I saw a very ugly bulb (plant). I know nothing of bulbs / plants. But it looked like a sprouted onion.

Yes, this is what it looked like.

From the net.. we didnt click a picture of the bulb when we got it home..

It was priced at INR 300.
Are u kidding me???? I could let an onion sprout at home and plant it in a small bucket – for free!

Well, the flower guy obviously laughed at my naivety. He pulled out his Samsung S2 phone (yes, the flower guy!!) and showed me a picture of the bloomed Hyacinth in his own house. “It smells amazing!” he added.
Well. Ok. I am naïve. But the flower blooms only ONCE in a year!

“We spent 500 bucks on one meal this evening that is going to get digested and come out tomorrow morning as shit!”

Fine. Fine. We bought it. After all, we just had to immerse that plastic bucket in water. That’s it. The bulb was maintenance free.

We came home late that day, and I was so tired, that we just left the bulb on the dining table and crawled towards the bed. Next morning the plant was still alive (Clarification: I didn’t want it to die). I found a suitable container to hold that bucket (the container turned out to be a big mug which I was never going to use), filled it with water and placed the bulb in it.
Two days passed and I didn’t notice the plant at all. Then I noticed the water was low. I replaced it and realized the plant had grown. Enormously!
Every day, since then, I watched the plant before leaving and after coming home. I noticed, every time, it had grown. It enchanted me. How could it grow so fast? I willed myself to look at it for an hour continuously. I thought I would see the plant growing (like we see in the time trails). No, nothing of the sort happened. It just grew when we weren’t looking!
And then, suddenly as I came home this Wednesday, it had bloomed and how! Beautiful color, amazing smell – just like the flower guy promised.
I pestered the husband for clicking the pictures (strange. Yes.)
This is how the bloom looks like…

300 bucks for this beauty was too low a price.. too bad i cant post the smell!!


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