There is a time when a lot of people in an organization suddenly put up their papers! yeah.. the time immediately after appraisals..! So is happening with my place of work.. there is this sudden rush of news.. it has kind of become a ‘everyday’ sort of an affair..
One of my best friends leaving the organization shortly. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to decide if you want to be happy for the other person, or you want to be sad, because that friend of yours will be leaving you shortly!
Parting from companies is different from parting ways with friends.. thats what someone told me, and thats what i have explained a lot of times to myself and my collegues when such situations have occured in the past. but it is not so simple.. tough it is not exactly parting ways, still the distance creates void space between two people..
First there are phone calls and messages everyday.. then the phone calls reduce to may be once a week, once a month, then probably at that times when you have some work with that person.. then a moment arrives, when you actually face the question, ‘what should i talk to him/her after calling….??
All that remains is a name in your mailbox from which you continue to receive some or the other forwards for quite sometime which, later on, you might not even have time to read!
some people say.. a friendship has a purpose in your life, it becomes a part of you, teaches you so many things, provides an outlet for your emotions, teaches you to express yourself, and then is lost..
you move ahead with your life and then, again, you come across this beautiful kind of relationship which walks some steps, along with you, in the journey called life………..!
Hats off to this beautiful relation called……….. friendship!!


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